About Us


The PITRASHISH FOUNDATION was created out of care and immense love. During the pandemic years the crisis was boundless, people didn’t understand how to continue life, how to sustain or move ahead. The small tribal villages suffered the most. They had no one to help them out. They didn’t understand what was happening around their lives. At that time of heavy uncertainties; we joined hands to form a group where kindhearted and generous people extended their hands to form an organization “PITRASHISH FOUNDATION”. It was the dream to lead the marginalized sections of society towards a new light that became the sole reason to set up such a beautiful organization. Our foundation’s main goal was to help these people take slow but sure steps towards a better future.
Therefore the movement began to live up to the hope of these people and bring positive socio-economic and educational changes for the backward underdeveloped people of the society. The main mission is to fight strongly against poverty, illiteracy, ill health of women and children and lead to the development of underprivileged section of our people.
Thus the foundation planned to launch various programmes and through them move ahead towards success. It was commonly decided that the foundation would develop ways to uplift these people in today’s society.
Presently our Pitrashish Foundation is running the following projects to focus on their schemes for all the sections of the backward society

Our Key Projects

Aao School Chalee
West Bengal, India
Pitrashish Vastra
West Bengal, India